Motorcycle Ride Maps of the Blue Ridge & Smoky Mountains

There are more Great Motorcycle Rides in the Blue Ridge & Smoky Mountains than Anywhere Else! 
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9 pocket-sized Motorcycle Ride Maps cover all the Best Motorcycle Roads in the Blue Ridge Mountains:

6 Map Blue Ridge Parkway BundleMaps 1-6 cover the 469 miles of Blue Ridge Parkway AND all the Great Motorcycle Rides which connect to it and lie in the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains. HUNDREDS of scenic and challenging 2 lane roads are shown. (Save with the Blue Ridge Parkway Bundle).

Maps 6-8 show ALL the Best Motorcycle Rides surrounding Great Smoky Mountains National Park. (Save with the Smoky Park Bundle)

Map 9 details the Great Motorcycle Rides found in North Georgia and the borders with North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee (Map GA007)

100 Great Motorcycle Rides in the SmokiesPLUS - 100 Great Motorcycle Rides in the Smoky Mountains combines maps 6-8 on one larger map (Map SMF100)

NEW FOR 2015 - Unpaved Roads for Adventure Riders (See Map OR-1, area East of Great Smoky Mountains National Park (more coming!)

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"I wanted to let you know that I received The Best Rides South of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. As I pulled the map out of the envelop, I was impressed by the high quality, waterproof paper the map is printed on. I certainly won't be afraid to pack and use this on a motorcycle trip in fear of the weather destroying the map. I liked the size of the folded map - perfect to put into a windshield back or coat pocket. But don't get fooled by the deceptively small, folded size… Opening the map reveals so much more information. On the map side, seeing the 'featured' roads in red makes it easy to picture and follow the routes. And the number of routes on the map is amazing. I certainly didn't expect to see so many 'featured' roads on a single map. Also, dotting the featured roads with gas stations takes the guess work out of figuring out where your next tank is coming from, allowing you to concentrate on the ride instead of the gas gauge. On the other side of the map are the route descriptions. The descriptions contain distance, time and turn-by-turn instructions to follow the routes, as well at road types, traffic patterns and other tidbits of information to make the ride enjoyable. Having the time and distance allows you to combining as many of the 'featured' routes to create your perfect ride. There are also suggested rides - which takes some of the guess work out of creating a ride from scratch. I'm really excited and looking forward to using the map. My father-in-law and I are planning another ride to the Tail of the Dragon again this summer. Now that I have the America Rides map, we're going to have to add a couple days on our trip to try out some new roads. Thanks"Stefan K, Youngsville, NC 
Pocket Map Details

The Best Biker Roads are

Good Connecting Roads are Blue

Miles between roads shown

Gas stations identified

Motorcycle Friendly places shown

Motorcycle attractions identified

Roadside waterfalls highlighted

Selected Campgrounds shown

Dealers / Shops identified

Maps overlap, adjacent map listed

Highway Exit numbers included

Simple, bold, easy to read design

Reverse side describes the rides

Parkway Exits listed by milepost

Nearest gas to parkway exit shown

Waterfall guide included

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Map Specs:
America Rides Maps are developed through extensive road testing:

 SIZE:  Folded Size  Unfolded Size
Pocket Maps   4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches  11 x 17 inches
Premium Maps  4 1/2 x 8 inches  24 x 36 inches

ALL 9 maps will fit in your shirt pocket!

WHY this size?

- Larger maps get stowed in your bags. You have to find a place to stop, park and get off the bike, unpack them to use them, then stow them away again. I wanted maps that are HANDY and CONVENIENT to use!

- Larger maps are hard to use when it's windy. I often found I needed to lay them out on a table. I wanted maps that you can EASILY MANAGE on the bike.

- More info contained in less area. These maps WORK BETTER IN TANK BAGS.

- I hate trying to fan fold a big map. These maps are EASIER TO FOLD.

- Map on one side only. With two sided maps I too often WASTED TIME searching the wrong side of a map. 


 America Rides Maps are printed on synthetic water and tear-resistant materials. Laser printing heat fuses inks so they do not bleed or run when wet. These maps are designed for real world use, yet feel like paper in your hand.


These maps contain MORE ROADS than maps many times their size. These maps catalogue SEVERAL HUNDRED ROADS throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains and more are being added. 


America Rides Pocket maps are built around a system that allows FREQUENT AND CONTINUOUS UPDATES.  I ride and re-ride the roads as often as I can. I print in small batches so you always get the most up-to-date maps from direct observation.They are constantly changing, constantly improving.

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 "I love the map of the Deals Gap area. I've been to the area many times and have always wondered what other rides where available in the area but didn't want to venture off and get lost. Now with my new map I'll be able to plot out full day rides and see areas I haven't seen before, instead of riding the same loop over and over. Thanks for a great map!!"- Tony F., Waterford MI


Hey there. Just wanted to email and say thank you so much for the fabulous bike ride maps. My husband and I have lived in the Asheville area all our lives but your maps have helped us find places we never knew existed! We just got back from Blowing Rock where we rode Buffalo Cove off #268. It was peaceful and just really a great ride. We're headed to northeast Georgia soon to try out the rides there too. Hope you keep updating the maps!! :)Thanks!!! - Carol and Bill B

All the Best Motorcycle Rides in the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains
From north Georgia
 to north Virginia

Enjoy the Freedom to change plans on the fly.
You'll always know the best ways to go.

America&#39;s most popular motorcycle ride
End-to-end Coverage of the 469 mile long Blue Ridge Parkway with -
  • Every paved connecting road shown with -
  • Distance to nearest gas stations at each exit and -
  • The Best Roads in the surrounding area plus - 
  • Distance between roads and exit mileposts and -
  • Attractions on the Parkway and in the surroundings
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